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Industry: Manufacturing and distribution of glue-guns
Residence: Since 1982 in Eggenstein, Germany
  • 5 km north of Karlsruhe
  • 1h by train/car from Rhein-Main Airport Frankfurt/Main
  • 45min by train/car from Airport Stuttgart
  • 1h by train/car from Strassburg/France

Reka Klebetechnik is a specialist for hand-held hot-melt glue applicators. These have been developed by Reka since 1977 and have since been produced exclusively in Germany. Reka glue applicators are capable of handling hot-melt adhesives in almost all forms available on the market. Glue sticks, granular material, glue pads, even PUR glues in 310 ml AL cartridges can be dispensed with these devices. The glues may either be sprayed or applied in the form of lines or dots.

Reka''s MS 80 and MS 200 glue applicators are capable of working with granular material or glue pads without compressed air.

Reka exports its products to over 70 countries in the world.

In cooperation with major producers of glues, Reka offers the customers solutions tailored to their needs. The glues may be bought through Reka or directly from the producers. Reka assists you in selecting the right glue.

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