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TR 501

Max. applicationapprox. 1650 g/h
Weight of the gun400 g
Stick diameter in mm11,3 ± 0,2 mm
Power Supply230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) on request
Power Consumption125 Watt
Temperature controlelectronic
Temperature limitationtemperature monitor
Temperature indicationLED
Magnetic deposityes
Removable cableyes
Stand for storingyes


Comfortable working and accurate dosing
The new hand–operated trigger and the newly developed heating system enable an optimum dosing of the material to be glued at a minimum expenditure of energy.

Optimumum working temperature
The precision temperature control ensures the correct working temperature for the particular material to be glued.

Ready for operation within 90 seconds
The new melting system ensures short heating–up times.

Greater adhesive discharge
The new melting system of the TR 500 always supplies sufficient adhesive at an optimum working temperature. It allows continiuous working. There are no undesirable heating–up interruptions as with PTC devices.

Easy and comfortable handling
The narrow shape of the TR 500 allows an unobstructed view of the entire material to be glued.

Unimpeded working
The cable of the TR 500 can be removed for a short time. So, it is for instance possible to work at places hard to get at.

Easy desositing of the gun
The magnets integrated in the handle enable the TR 500 to be deposited comfortably and safely on the stand.

Consequent to the last detail
Accessories offered in great variety allow very individual applications.


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